Frequently asked questions.

Well, you’re asking the wrong person, because obviously I’m a little biased.

But here’s what I would tell your friend. 

There is a whole lot that is misunderstood about therapy. 

Ten different people come to ten different therapists expecting ten different types of sessions.

Additionally, not every therapist is the perfect match for every client. Your friend may have simply experienced the wrong fit.  

My approach to therapy is straightforward and clear. I’m looking to help my clients find their desired outcome. Many men have expressed to me how surprised they are about the nature of the sessions and how beneficial therapy can be. 

I often think that what turns men off to therapy is that they have no idea what they’re looking to accomplish by just “talking.” When they see that the “talking” is purposeful, with an intent to get them somewhere, and that their therapist is helping to steer them in that direction, they begin to believe in the power of therapy. 

Fair enough. 

There are three basic things that people often overlook.

1. What is my DESTINATION? 

In other words: What am I searching for? What do I want to accomplish? What would improve my quality of life? What would an improved marriage look like?

2. What are my NEXT STEPS?

This includes: How do I start on the path to reach my destination? What do I need to do currently to start getting there? What is attainable and what is beyond me? What accountability is there for my taking those next steps?

3. What are my STRENGTHS?

What tools do I have that can help me reach my destination? What am I currently doing correctly in my life? If I do have some innate skills, how can I build upon those even more? How can I strengthen those traits?

Sounds simple, right? 

You’d be surprised how we rarely think about these things. People often do not know the answers to many of these questions.

In my counseling practice, I ask clients these tough questions and more, guiding them to think about their personal vision and what it will take them to get there.

 It really depends on your personal situation. Some people just need a couple of sessions, others could use more. Some clients continue to meet with me bi-weekly or even monthly. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to the length of therapy.

If you are interested in pursuing counseling or coaching with me, there are two things you can expect:

  1. My goal is for you to NOT be in therapy forever! I try to get to the root of the issues quickly and give you the tools that you need to improve. 
  2. Ultimately, you will be the one to decide when you feel ready to scale back sessions or to move on. 

That is a great question. The truth is, there happens to be a lot of overlap between the two. The goal of both counseling and coaching is to help you reach your goals and make changes in your life. 

In my practice, counseling and coaching both involve:  

  1. Drawing upon the past.
  2. Figuring out what’s working and what’s not working.  
  3. Creating goals for the future. 

The difference between the two is simply a matter of emphasis. These three elements will likely all be processed. The only difference is which domain will be given more focus and attention.  

Yes and yes. I am passionate about helping parents navigate the challenges of parenting. I also have much experience working with teenagers and helping them communicate better (or communicate at all, for that matter) with their parents. 

My office is located near I-85 and North Druid Hills. The address is: 2751 Buford Highway, Atlanta, GA 30324.

I accept payment via Zelle, PayPal, and Square.

Just schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. I would be happy to speak with you and discuss your situation. If it feels like a good fit, you can schedule your first appointment.
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