Marriage doesn’t have to be so confusing.

Learn specific tools to better understand your wife.

In my earlier years as a therapist, I would listen to couples working through various issues.

As the husband spoke, I would often find myself thinking “If only he’d just say… If he could say it a little differently, she would understand!”

As the wife poured her heart out, and the husband clearly wasn’t hearing, I would find myself yet again thinking “If only he knew that she means…he would understand!”

In working with couples, I have seen firsthand just how differently men and women express their thoughts and feelings…which led me to the point where I began telling myself “Daniel, if only you would focus on teaching men how to understand their wives!”

So, here I am, with a practice devoted to helping men become fantastic husbands.

I received my Master’s in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University in 2012. After moving to Atlanta, I began practicing counseling in 2015. My practice focuses on helping couples and families overcome challenges and roadblocks in their relationships. I also have much experience working with children and teenagers.

-Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling, Johns Hopkins University (2012)
-Licensed Professional Counselor, Georgia License, LPC010691
-Private practice since 2015
-Began marriage coaching for men in 2023

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Learn specific tools to better understand your wife.
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