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Many men struggle to understand their wives. They leave conversations confused and frustrated. They often feel anger and rage like they’ve never felt before. Some men forget why they even chose to get married in the first place.

Speaking to friends doesn’t seem to help. Discussing with family members just doesn’t seem right. Complaining to a therapist doesn’t seem like an option – how does talking about the past help anyway?

Many men have been there. And many men have learned what it takes to move forward and create the marriage that they envisioned at the outset of their relationship.


What Our Clients Say

"I truly believe that Daniel saved our marriage. He made a believer out of my husband, who didn't find value in counseling prior to our experience with Daniel. He put words where neither one of us were able to & allowed us to communicate with one another with complete transparency"​
Sandy S
"In speaking with Daniel, I felt very comfortable that not only was he listening, but I was being heard. His feedback was on point, and he was not afraid to be assertive with his responses which I really appreciate... "​
Albert M
"We had a wonderful experience working with Daniel. He helped us have those difficult conversations and understand the others point of view without making us feel like we were wrong for feeling the way we did. 10 out of 10 if your relationship is struggling, he is the one to help."​
Jake H
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